Why I do photography?

This is a great question. I have always had an interest in cameras. From when I was very young I had a Pentax K1000. Which I think that I still have around here somewhere. But I’m not sure. I might have sold it. Cause who has a use for 35mm film anymore?

So in the last several years I have taken it a little more seriously then the fun I was having as a kid. I took at class with the New York Institute of Photography. It was an online class. It was nice to get a little more information then I had in the past. One of the photos that I took for an assignment actually won me a Merit Award.

This is that photo:

childs park merit photo

It was nice to get a little recognition for my work. The above was taken at Childs Park in Bushkill, PA. It was a great place to go and get some waterfall pictures from time to time. Always nice in the spring and fall.

Now I do photography when I get the chance. I work full time at a live event production company. So I get to be creative in many ways on that job as well. When I can get some time I like to go and be creative behind the lens.

I don’t do this for the money… although I do enjoy it and every little bit helps with a family of all girls. haha. When I do get a chance to shoot something, a wedding, or family portraits, or just some still life, I always enjoy it an make the most of it for myself or those that I’m shooting for.



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